• Image of Dumpster Babies: Lost and Found

The Dumpster Babies are a fundamental part of the Tall Pat Records origin myth. Their self-titled debut was TPR001, the band having taken a chance on a crazy tall guy's plan. Thus it is with much excitement that we bring to you their second long player, "Lost And Found". It's a record that many never thought would see the day, but here it is and it was worth the wait. (Well it is almost ready, this is a preorder after all)

When working on the record, the Dumpster Babies decided to forgo the sophomore slump and make what amounts to a third LP. John Gorman and Tom Puschautz really stepped up their song writing, producing of the strongest songs on the record. It also features Kevin Graves' best songs to date. All in all, the record is a huge step forward for the group. One listen and we think you'll agree.