• Image of Gallery Night

For the second time in TPR history, we're branching out from the friendly confines of Chicago, IL. This time just a little north to Milwaukee, WI. Why, might you ask? Well when Jimmy Hollywood (ex-Baseball Furies, ex-A/V Murder, ex-Tyrades, ex-White Savage, ex-Football, ex-Endless Column, ex-Longman and Eagle, ex-Delilahs, ex-Chicago) calls you pick up the dang phone! Jim's been behind some of our favorite bands, and Gallery Night fits right into his howling milieu. Christopher Brooks & Kelsey Kaufmann round out the line up on baritone guitar (#1 instrument) and drums respectively. As former members of Centipedes they provided the real Wisconsin credibility. The three of them keep the riffs up, and bullshit down. There is zero reason for you not to own this slap of wax.