• Image of Glyders 7"

A while back, the cats in The Bingers were telling us that we had to check out their friends band, Glyders. We're always down to check out new stuff, so we stopped by SubT on a FROZEN night last winter. We were pleasantly surprised by the Glyders almost Groundhogs-esk mix of blues and psych rock. Aside from the 70s-UK-HardBluesRock sound, these cats have some serious early-BJM vibes going. The bands got one of the most pocket rhythm sections in town, if not thee most in the pocket. We'd tried to bet on that, but Rahm's bookie Quaxelrod didn't think the odds were fair. Either way, this 7" is a killer cut of rock'n'roll music. You get the outta control good cuts of Better Days and Every Boy and Girl on wax, plus some extra tunes for download. Make Mario Rubalcaba proud and buy this; the bands first slab of wax, presented to you for a the low price of five clams.

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