• Image of Hollow Mountain 7"

Lets get this out of the way, Hollow Mountain are not a garage rock band. They have more in common with Ozzy Ozborne and the Numero Group’s proto-metal boxset Darkscorch Canticles then Thee Milkshakes. They say time moves forward, but in the case of Hollow Mountain, time’s moved backwards, when Heavy Metal was still about hobbits and shit rather then cookie monster.

Hollow Mountain is made up Ester Kim (of the Lemons) on bass and vocals, Steve Weichelecki (ex-Catburglars) on guitar and Ben Simpson on drums. The three piece lay down a slug-like attack that the Chicago Reader’s Luca Cimarusti liked to a cross “between Black Sabbath and the Ramones”. Lead by Kim’s decidely un-metal vocals, Hollow Mountain subverts the genre with a low-fi sound punctuated by post-punk-esk yelps That’s a lot of buzz words, but we stole most of them from other peoples write ups of the band, so don’t blame us.

The bottom line is this, Hollow Mountain rules. Rather then mining the Back From The Grave comps, the trio have found a fount of inspiration in hard rocks more wizard centric past. If your into guitars, then you owe it to yourself to put this record on and try and summon the Dark Lord Satan.