• Image of Son of A Gun "No Bread"

Son of A Gun follow a simple mantra that we here at Tall Pat Records share; “No Weak Pits”. They don’t give a fuck about KISS telling people ‘Rock Is Dead’ and the four members have never once heard a Taylor Swift song, These young men care about one thing, and one thing only, kicking the shit out of your ear drums.

“No Bread” is the bands first LP, and features re-recordings of the bands hit tunes like “Take” and “Wrong Things” along with tunes written live in the studio as Tall Pat held a gun to the bands heads. The LP leads off with two killer tracks; “Looks So Good” and “Accident”, if you’re not on board after those tunes you should go see a doctor. Hell, their so good that XRT played them on the radio, a feat unseen in the radio industry since it all went to shit in the mid 90s. Buy this record, be on the right side of history.

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