• Image of The Bingers: Stay Satisfied

Stay Satisfied is the debut LP from The Bingers! After a handful of EPs (including the excellent Gonna Get You EP on TPR) they've come back with a slab of wax that's sure to be the soundtrack to your summer surfing ice waves on Lake Michigan.

Stay Satisfied was recorded in the winter of 2016 after an inspired jam session, just as the band was thinking about calling it quits. A testament to self-sufficiency and a strong DIY ethic, it was self-recorded to 1/2” tape on an 8-track — sold to the guys by their good friend Shimby McCreery, who mixed and mastered the album — with the band teaching themselves to use recording equipment and solder bad wiring connections as they went. The album’s title addresses the numerous compromises that they’ve had to make in order to get a cohesive sound from three different minds. It’s also sound advice for the current state of things: while it’s tough to feel good in spite of the constant “barrage of daily bullshit” dominating the news, it’s important to take time out — and let ourselves be distracted with good news from time to time — to keep us feeling ok. Stay Satisfied is the sound of three dudes hunkered down in the basement to make the sounds they wanna hear.

As three lone surfers upon The Great Lakes they've found kindred spirits with the likes of Swami John Reis and The Blind Shake (who they opened for on that band's one and only tour), Tav Falco (who declared "These boys are going to make a million dollars"), and the many denizens of the midwest garage scene. They're a regular staple of Chicago clubs and with their debut LP, the boys aim to make good on Tav's prediction.

Listen, it's a good record. You're going to enjoy it. Just hold off on whatever iPhone game you're throwing your money at and buy it. Think of it as an investment in good times.