• Image of Clearance: Rapid Rewards

When the cats in Clearance first sent me the demos for this record I was blown away. Literally, I was amazed at the incredibly tight song writing from Mike Bellis, Kevin Fairbairn, Greg Obis, and Arthur Velez. Its as if the four piece came right out of the early-90s NYC slackercore scene.

Rapid Rewards, quickly summed up, is the record Pavement should have made after Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. Its totally possible that these four gentleman are actually from an alternant dimension where they invented these sounds, because this is a fully formed record from a group thats ready to get started taking on the world.

Not that Clearance is a straight up Pavement cover band. They've got hints of some of the Flying Nun scene, The Fall, and even a tiny bit of Guv'ner (All Praise to Pumpkin Wentzel) & The Electric Love Muffin (Philly Slackers of the highest order) . If Joy Division launched a million sound-a-like bands then its high time the slackercore scene of the mid-90s gets its devotes.

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