• Image of The Bingers "Gonna Get You"

The Bingers are a three-piece surf-punk band out of Chicago, IL. Despite a total lack of waves on the shores of the windy city, brothers Teddy and Ronnie Appert joined forces with Jack Callahan in the salad days of 2011. They’ve since been pounding out an ever fuzzier brand of surf rock that’s warmed many on a cold Chicago night.

“Gonna Get You” is the bands first slab of wax after a number of CD and Tape EPs, and come after the bands self-imposed 2014 exile to the basement. During the interim, the band traded in their Beach Boys records for the Estrus back catalog, sending The Bingers music from the sunny shores right into an on coming storm. Everyone knows that’s when you can get the best waves. And the surf is indeed up, each song brings a change in the line up and the brothers Appert and Mr. Callahan swap back and forth bringing an extra level of nuance to each tune.

With “Gonna Get You”, The Bingers really toe the line “Between Buddy Holly and Basement Punk”, as LoudLoopPress puts it. Its in those basements that the warmth of good rock’n’roll is needed most.